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    Welcome to FastFingerFreddy

    We specialise in rock, punk, grunge & alternate rock guitar. and offer both FREE and premium lessons with new lessons being added each and every week...

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Blink 182 Guitar Course


The perfect set of guitar lessons for fans of Blink 182!

In this course you'll learn EVERYTHING about playing the guitar like Blink 182, from mastering ANY Blink 182 songs through to writing your own Blink 182 sounding songs and riffs

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Total Techniques Guitar Course


The quick and easy way to take your guitar playing to the next level

In this online guitar course you'll master 10 of the most important guitar techniques and discover how you can improve your guitar playing quicker than you ever thought possible

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Pop Punk Guitar Course


Want to be a Pop Punk guitar God?

Unlock your ability to play almost ANY Pop Punk song by following our simple step-by-step guitar course, and even learn how to write your own pop punk songs and riffs.

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